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When a 17-year-old girl, Zia McFadden, is found dead floating in the water at the base of Eagle Falls, the Wilder & Associate P.I. Agency is hired to discover if her death was suicide or murder, a case that takes them on a roller coaster ride of secrets and revelations in the high mountains of New Mexico.

Catch up on the Howard Moon Deer Mysteries



“Terrific… I couldn’t put it down.”

—Margaret Truman, author of Murder at the Watergate


“A clever, sexy, modern mystery. Imagine Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin in contemporary New Mexico. I look forward to more adventures for this engaging team”

—Tom Savage, author of The Inheritance


“Westbrook possesses a masterful sense of narration..”

—The Washington Post, Book World


“Westbrook knows how to mix satire with action.”

—New York Times Book Review

Intimate Lies

A compelling account of the turbulent romance of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Sheilah Graham—a beautifully evoked love story written by Sheilah Graham’s son using the papers, diaries, notes, and correspondence she bequeathed to him.

Robert Westbrook’s first book was published in 1963, when he was 17.

He’s been a working writer ever since, penning nearly 20 books, including the Howard Moon Deer Mysteries and Intimate Lies, the acclaimed memoir of his mother Sheilah Graham’s love affair with the brilliant but haunted author F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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